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A short trip to Spookyville

Dr. Alan Cantwell M.D., the author of two books on the man-made origin of HIV/Aids, neither of which I have read, has an article today at the Rense conspiracy site. Briefly, he received an email from a Dr. Sue Arrigo M.D., allegedly an "ex- CIA physician with high level access", concerning the creation of HIV (and a vaccine, which was kept secret).

It was a crime against humanity that the virus was unleashed on the world, and it continues to be a crime that the vaccine has been kept secret and for private use only. Meanwhile, the outer research to get to a vaccine is an exercise in how not to arrive at a solution before millions more die. The initial "hopes" for HIV per its designers was to be able to walk into Africa and take the resources from a ghost continent. They had hyped it as killing everyone there within a year, in their pre-release reports.
Dr. Cantwell googled Dr. Arrigo and found that she had once posted an interesting comment to an AlterNet story on torture.

As a coerced CIA asset, I was asked by Cheney in Aug. 2004 to frame Iran as developing nuclear weapons. Because Cheney was afraid of CIA leaks, he gave me the assignment at a Chinese restaurant in DC after hours. It was not the first meeting that I have ever had privately with him as I acted as a negotiator between him and Tenet. Within the CIA I had been an outspoken critic of US wars of aggression, its nuclear first strike plans, and its breaking of nuclear arms control treaties. I spent most of my life as an operative risking my life as a remote viewing spy monitoring and recovering lost WMD.

I am a doctor and the assignment Cheney gave me was to go to Iran as a physician. Once in Iran, a camera crew would be filming when an Iranian agent would rush in to say that he knew a secret bunker where the Iranian govt. was developing nuclear weapons. Cheney admitted that the rest of the filming would occur in Hollywood with a mock up of said lab. Clearly, this was an immoral assignment. There was no way that I was going to have the blood of innocent Iranian women and children on my hands, so I refused. When I did so, Cheney threatened the life of my mother. Since my mother had recently told me she would rather die than have me be emotionally blackmailed in this way, I held to my no.

During the course of our about 40 minute talk, one of his secret service officers interrupted us twice. The next week when I was kidnapped in Virginia, raped and tortured for 4 days, I recognized the voice of that officer as one of the rapists.
I tend to be skeptical of wild unverified conspiracy claims (no, really!) Just because someone has an M.D. after her name does not mean that she may not be suffering from mental illness. Hopefully, Dr. Cantwell or others will interview this woman to establish whether or not there is any truth to her claims.

Update: The story of Dr. Sue Arrigo keeps getting wilder and wilder. I now find that she has claimed to have twice treated Osama bin Laden --after September 11.

I am a kidney specialist who trained at the University of California at Irvine Medical Center in 1983-85. (California Medical License # G 50197) I treated Bin Laden on more than one occasion since 9-11 for the US govt. who promised him safe passage out of Afghanistan and free medical care the rest of his life. He was, after all, a loyal CIA operative doing exactly what was wanted by the leaders of the New World Order.
Update 2: Just when I'm ready to dismiss this whole matter as too far-fetched to possibly be true, I find this article on Military and Civilian Perspectives on the Ethics of Intelligence on a military website. The article is written by Sue Arrigo's sister, Jean Maria Arrigo, Ph.D., who describes herself as "a social psychologist studying intelligence ethics and as daughter of an undercover intelligence officer."

A physician at the workshop, Sue Arrigo (my sister), discussed medical intelligence operations in hospital intensive care units (ICUs). Especially in regard to terminal patients, hospital administration, residents and nurses, and patients' families have competing intelligence goals. Her case of an ICU patient with Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, among other ailments, offers a striking metaphor for small-system interdependence of operational harms and security risks. The patient "lost his ability to speak when put on a ventilator [to help him breathe], lost his clarity of mind when sedated to prevent his gagging on the ventilator tube in his mouth, lost his ability to move when tied down so as not to pull out his tubes, and finally lost his sanity as he developed ICU psychosis."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sue Arrigo is in the database of licensed medical doctors for the state of California. Here.

I suppose somebody could have found all of the information already and then impersonated her.

This is allegedly her website
Her profile page at a church
Her profile at a medical site
And another

She is listed as a neurologist. Her license page lists her address in Canada, the other pages list California. It also says she stopped paying her license dues. She is married to somebody with the last name "Clear".

This is interesting. You should run this story through the Rigorous Intuition message board.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her sister Jean Maria also does research on multiple personality disorder. Link.

And "Psychogenic Amnesia": "We have presented evidence from six classes of traumatic events to support the psychogenic origin of many cases of amnesia and to illustrate strategies of memory recovery." Link.

Very strange. The abstract is from here.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Oh please, we would have released infected prisoners back into Iraq and Afghanistan to spread AIDs by now. Iran too while we were at it. is there no conspiracy theory you will not champion, Gair?

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blew my mind! I too have been reading Sue's stuff, and thinking that it gets too wild to be true, and then I think about McMartin, Presidio, Franklin, and "The Finders", and I just say to myself, "maybe"!
After some of the things I've been told by someone who used to work in the intelligence industry, I'm more inclined to believe that conspiracy is the norm, and not the exception to the rule.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Jed Shlackman said...

Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor, and others have written about their experiences as MK-ULTRA victims and the New World Order plans. This is quite REAL and portions are documented and verifiable. The world is run by organized crimes cartels and dark side occult groups that employ miltary-intelligence networks to carry out their plans. Dr. Arrigo is brave but would be wise to create a false identity and live in hiding under the new name, using a network of remote contacts and coded communication to post her articles online so that her location can't be traced.

6:18 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Readers,

I am sorry to say that my sister Sue Ann Arrigo has periodic episodes of paranoid schizophrenia, and this has been over a period of ten years at least. It is amazing how her wild stories have proliferated all over the web.

Myself, Linda Gail Arrigo, I have been involved in human rights reporting in Taiwan in the 1970's and 80's when it was under martial law (you can ask about any older person from Taiwan about Ai Linda); and I think that somehow after that my sister Sue Ann took off on her fantasies.

This is very painful to recognize, but anyone who wants to ask me about Sue Ann Arrigo's background and others can write to me at Or even telephone me in Taiwan at (886-2) 2662-3677. She does have an M.D. and a degree in mathematics.

There are enough real victims of US imperialism, and credibility must be retained for them.

Linda Gail Arrigo, Ph.D. Sociology

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Linda Gail Arrigo's comments sound like the non-denial denials we often hear from officialdom. She does not directly contradict any particulars of her sister's accounts; but rather cites mental illness (freely admitted by Sue) in an attempt to discredit the source.

For some readers this will suffice to close the story. If you ask me (and I'm not a qualified psychologist) it is a big leap from paranoid schizophrenia to a well-crafted case of Munchausen syndrome. The stories are "wild" only because they make extreme claims, although the existence of CIA mind-control programs such as MKULTRA might also be considered "wild" to the uninformed. CIA experimentation on unwitting subjects, including US citizens, might seem beyond the pale if it were not so well documented, but it happened.

The scenario with Usama Bin Laden receiving kidney treatment stateside after 9/11 sounds less far-fetched if you know about his treatment in the American hospital in Dubai less than two months prior to 9/11, reported by Le Figaro and Radio France. This is the man we supposedly tried to take out with a missile strike in 1998 (while Republicans chortled about it being a "wag the dog" caper to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal). CIA's Bin Laden unit was still in existence in 2001, only to be disbanded in late 2005 (go figure).

Let us suppose for the sake of argument that Sue Arrigo's claims are accurate. We should not be surprised then if her sister were to make a statement of disclaimer, perhaps under duress. At the very least Linda's professional standing might suffer by association with someone who has the stigma of "conspiracy theorist" on top of being a mental case. However, it would be more consistent with Sue's narrative if some bare-knuckle pressure were involved.

I'm in no position to make a decisive callI, although I find Sue Arrigo's narrative compelling. Without some outside verification or correlation with her claims, they remain just that.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, surely the solution is for the MSM to go and interview.

If not them ,then a well known net enquirer...or even just someone who is willing to be real and indentified to verify ,perhaps an exmilitary like Kwaioski etc..

Get her story on record now before she goes where others who threaten to spill beans on Covert actions like Benazir go.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another update, she now has a facebook page.

I don't know what to make of her stories. They are within the realm of possibility but are very hard to believe. One could spend (waste?) many hours trying to figure it out.

Over the years i have been approached by several self-described "former intelligence" whistleblower types and i am now more reluctant thanever to disbelieve them.

There are numerous functions fulfilled by having phoney whistleblowers trying to get legit activists and researchers to lend them assistance, spread their stories, etc.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops I made a mistake in the above message!

I meant to say above that:

"i am now more reluctant than ever to believe them."

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems Linda Gail Arrigo is quite a public person in Taiwan.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Damien said...

I just ran across this story on april 19 2008. What is the update ??? What is the verdict ?

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having stumbled across this blog, I would like to correct some misinformation.

I am Sue Arrigo and I trained for 2 years at University of California Irvine Medical Center in 1983-1985 as a Nephrologist. I am a kidney specialist by training, not a Neurologist.

My sister Linda Gail Arrigo has done excellent work in Taiwan in helping their Democratic Party and Green Party. I respect her political work and hope that my revelations about the US govt. and CIA have not caused her difficulties there. However, that appears not to be the case. I can understand that she would want to distance herself from me.

As she went to Taiwan with my father who was a US military advisor when I was 9 years old, I have rarely seen her or had contact with her since. Thus, I find it sad that she has spread false information about me without having anyway of knowing the facts. I assume that my father in military intelligence has fed her those lies about me to try to discredit me for the obvious reasons.

As a covert asset of the CIA's I did not talk about my work inside the CIA even to my mother and closer sister Jean, until after my cover was blown. It is to my credit that my sister Linda did not know about my CIA work. I worked inside the CIA for many decades as a remote viewer for DCIs. I also worked in my outer life as a Medical Director for a company in a stable job for over a decade. No one at the CIA or that company ever thought I had a serious mental illness, or I wouldn't have been there the next day. These were the people I was working with everyday and knew me well enough to judge my behavior.

In Aug. 2004, I refused an assignment from Cheney to frame Iran as developing nuclear weapons. Cheney had asked me to go to Iran as a physician to treat children as a "humanitarian gesture". I am not a pediatrician and said so. He said a camera crew would go with me and in would rush an Iranian looking man claiming to know where the Iranian govt. was making nuclear weapons. By saying that I was too busy as a physician in California to stay more than a day in Iran, I got him to admit that the rest of the filming of the underground bunker was scheduled to be made in Hollywood anyway. It was a 'Wag the Dog" type of propaganda piece. After I refused, Cheney threatened the life of my mother.

The story of the Kuwait neonates being pulled from incubators by Saddam’s soldiers in August, 1990 was a fabrication.
“The girl in front of TV cameras told the world under tears that she saw how Saddam Hussein's soldiers take babies out of their incubators and let them die on the cold floor.
In November 1990 Bush told this lie to the poor soldiers.
In truth she hadn't been in Kuwait at the time. The girl was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador in Washington, USA” (See and ).

The week after I refused, I was kidnapped in Virginia, tortured in an underground CACI facility next to CIA headquarters and injected with CIA designer drugs. After I was released, I was thrown into a mental hospital to try to prove that I was crazy. The CIA uses long acting BZ and amphetamines to discredit people. Russ Tice, the NSA analyst who blew the whistle on US domestic spying, was also thrown into a mental hospital to give him a record. See .

I had no previous psychiatric hospitalizations and had never been prescribed drugs by a therapist. I had, however, seen therapists many times because of the mental problems that the CIA had given me in MKULTRA. Those were Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder which used to be called multiple personality disorder. I have seen therapists at several torture treatment centers recently. Certainly, I would have been diagnosed as schizophrenic by one of those many therapists and put on anti-psychotic medications, if I had been. Their opinion on the subject is the relevant one, not my sister Linda’s.

Please read Dr. Colin Ross's book Bluebird: the deliberate creation of multiple personality disorder by [CIA] psychiatrists. He wrote it after receiving 15,000 pages of CIA documents on a Freedom of Information Act Request. He confirms that the CIA's favorite way of disposing of its victims is to lock them in a mental hospital and try to throw away the key. He also proved that most of the board members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation were CIA mind control researchers. They would have been put in prison for torturing people if their victims were believed.

My symptoms when I was hospitalized against my will in Aug. 2004 were not consistent with schizophrenia. I was suddenly unable to dial a telephone number or to navigate a car using a map, symptoms of a drug induced disequilibrium, not schizophrenia. I was fearful from just having been tortured, but was sane enough to know that talking about my work at the CIA would not help my situation. I was not having voices in my head directing my actions. I did not even have alters speaking in my mind. The medical physician promptly let me out of the hospital as sane but suffering from sleep deprivation. It took many months before the effects of the BZ wore off. Being given CIA drugs to try to get others to believe you are crazy, is not the same as actually being crazy.

In schizophrenia, people are deluded and allege things that never happened. As their allegations are looked into, one does not find others who collaborate them. There are no CIA documents that confirm the gist of what they say to be true. There are no other victims reporting similar crimes with similar modus operandi, because they have made up the fabric of their nightmares out of chemical imbalances in their minds. The exact opposite is true in Dissociative Identity Disorder. People with that disorder deny what actually happened to them as a defense mechanism. There are many CIA documents and other victims independently giving their testimonies to support what the CIA did. Law professor Scheflin in Ground Lost: The False Memory Debate at addressed the issue of whether memories recovered after trauma are accurate. He says that all memories are recovered and that the science on memory shows that post traumatic memories are as accurate as regular memories; namely details may be wrong but the memories are remarkably accurate for the gist of the events. Thus he concludes that for the purposes of the courts, all memories should be treated the same---as eye-witness testimony.

Mind control victim Paul Bonacci was awarded 1 million dollars in damages by the court in 1999 (see ). Please watch the documentary Pedophile Politicians at . Also, see the book The Franklin Cover-up by Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp who was the lawyer for Bonacci. Note that the book the Franklin Cover-up was written by an ex-CIA officer, DeCamp, under the acknowledged guidance of CIA director Colby ,his boss in Operation Phoenix in Vietnam that tortured and assassinated over 20,000 civilians without due process of law. So while his book provided a low level black fall guy to blame the torture of children on, it protected the CIA and the US administration.

It is very sad that the CIA did dreadful tortures to American and Canadian children in MKULTRA. Please listen to my radio broadcast on the American Awaking Program at . You can listen to the Show Archives of both hours of the May 1st broadcast to hear me discuss the history of the CIA. On June 5th on that show I will be discussing CIA Torture. You can judge for your self whether I am crazy. However, your being uninformed about the shadow side of the US govt. does not make me crazy. Most people in the US have a kind of delusional reality, one given to them by over reliance on Corporate Media for their source of information. That is your responsibility to correct. I am glad to see so many people sincerely seeking the truth on the internet and being willing to investigate.

The intelligence world is a strange one and often unbelievable to outsiders. Yet there are many good sources of information to make sense of it. I suggest that you start by reading Al Martin's The Conspirators, Bluebird, and David McGowan’ Pedophocracy .

You can see a few photos of my CIA torture injuries at .

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because my sister, Linda Gail Arrigo, whom I have rarely seen since I was age 9, was alleging that I was schizophrenic, I emailed her recently to ask her why. She said that it was politically embarrassing to her that I said I had worked for the CIA. Yes, I can see that having a sister who had worked for the CIA could cause her some political problems in Taiwan where she is well known.

She went on to say that she had concluded that both my older sister, Jean Maria Arrigo, and I were crazy. My sister Jean recently blew the whistle on the American Psychological Association's condoning the use of psychologists assisting in torture interrogations. That surprised me that Linda said both of us were delusional.

The reason she gave for coming to that conclusion was because we had both said that our father had been violent towards us as children. My mother also says that she was beaten by him and that was why she left him. And my sister Jean said that she had to repeatedly call Adult Protective Services because he was beating his next wife who was sick and on dialysis. So, 4 out of 5 of us are in agreement that Joseph Arrigo, bless his soul, had a history of violence. Linda was his favorite child and we agree that he did not beat her. I am very grateful that she was spared that. But, for her to claim that she knows what happened to us when she was not there--now that is absurd. She has a right to her denial, but I can not share it.

For her to publicly and insensitively denounce the victims of his violence as crazy, borders on cruelty, given what they have already been through.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Arrigo,

Why don't you bring your story to anyone on a major news network? Someone who can do something to verify your claims? Have you tried doing that?

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, she should tell them that she was sexually abused by the CIA since the age of three, as she has written, or similar ditties.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm George LoBuono, a writer and investigative researcher, not anonymous. I've seen strong corroboration of the stories that Dr. Sue Arrigo reports. I've interviewed a child sex slave whose parents also betrayed her into intel. m.c. programs. It was horrendous--she recalls being sold, money literally changing hands (when she was an adult, drugged to be passive on that occasion) as she was sold by a businessman to a mafia figure, for a time. In later years, when her personality integrated, she remembered much of the abuse, in detail.

After menopause, one of her former "owners" showed up at her door with another man, hoping to take advantage of her. They entered her house and the former owner stood saying (seemingly non-sensical) code-words that had previously triggered alter obedience, but this time it didn't work. She was angry and threw them out.

As for Sue's sister, remember--she stayed with the father who must have betrayed Sue into a child mind control program. What her own experience was, we don't know, but did she go through "program," and did she break program, as deprogrammers say? It's only normal for one sibling to defend a father in such circumstances, making what to me, given the lucidity, the detail and the internally consistent integration of Dr. Sue's remarks, seem "wild" remarks that attempt to dicredit Dr. Sue.

The truth is, human history may look back and point to people like Sue Arrigo and Cathy O'Brien as THE most in-depth, damning reports about the crimes against humanity under a sick regime in the US. What I find hard to believe is how some people can even begin to think that the monstrous crimes of royalty, mad kings and sadistic decline-phase atrocities of EVERY OTHER nation that has ever existed, at least at some time in their history, haven't happened here.

To have lived in suburban Nuremburg under Hitler could have seemed ideal, a white paradise to a German woman of the day---until the bombs started falling.

Finally, we don't know what Sue's military intel father thought when he sold her into the program. He may have thought she'd be tough, maybe have those unusual skills that program children sometimes develop. Maybe he didn't know that children were killed in numbers in such programs. Who would have advertised that, up front?

And any complications in early years could always be blamed on the child--it was just a child. See the good, mainstream reports about up to 500,000 native Canadian children killed, some reportedly sodomized to death while other children watched, under the Canadian government's campaign to erase native identity in the 20th century.

Ever suffer abuse by a parent? Probably not. Imagine being battered, terrorized. That's only a minor fraction of what a m.c. child victim felt. It's horrendous.

Speaking of remote viewing, anyone can develop the capacity. It doesn't require secret program conditioning. Although military and defense practitioneers have published much about their experience, everyone has the capacity. Human brain waves from 5 to 11 hertz (brain waves range from 5 to about 30 hertz, or cycles per second) can go through solid objects. So, if you're in a relaxed state, you can begin to tease out telepathic details that are remote from your location.

The more tendentious, more distant or removed in time kind of remote sensing (I call it remote sensing to emphasize that an essentially faded, slighly darkened in your mind awareness of remote details can easily be developed)---a more advanced remote sensing is possible via a kind of negative cycle that underlies basic quantum physics. Various researchers explain it in different ways: scalar energy, negative energy like that seen in electrogravity or what Scientific American (Jan 2000) calls "squeezed state fluctuations in the vacuum of space-time" caused by simply converging and canceling out light waves... there are various explanations but they all explain the same phenomenon.

Call it the "new physics," perhaps, but it's very real. We don't live in the flatland of old 20th century models; we live in a post-quantum era where scalar energy technology is already in black budget production. And guess who's a main manipulator in that? David Rockefeller, ironically, due to his family's and financial roles.

On the one hand, the new physics is literally a liberation, but on the other---there are monsters in the black budget elite who will try to use it to abuse the unsuspecting public, at present. Cathy O'Brien's explanations about "harmonics" used in m.c. conditioning in more recent years probably involve some scalar technology.

Ironically, both Tom Bearden and physicist Mark Comings report that the US government already has a safe, triangulating system of scalar detectors that can be used to monitor, probably prevent misuses of scalar technology (which is a bit tricky). So, the old excuses for not discussing it are long gone. Sec. Defense Cohen announced publicly that there are already international agreement to prevent weapons abuses, hence there's reason to believe that any abuse can be detected, then reverse streamed to fry an abusers electronics.

See other sources.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, haven't you noticed that media companies that have tried to do extended stories on child sex slavery have been pressure, almost always compelled to not run them? There are videos on the web, news segments that were canned before broadcast. Even Dan Rather admits that there are major stories that should be run, but corporate won't allow it.

Part of the fear--it's always fear, unless some media porker goes to those Bohemian Grove or other such to actually indulge in such--part of the fear is of black budget operatives, or corrupt finance.

I'm not discouraging Sue from reporting, just the opposite, but while it's on the web it's spreading--I cite her reports often on sites--it can't be censored here. Stories of the sort have a kind of lag time. First they must be put out, then there's a lag time during which the public has to get up to speed and check other sources on the subject. Then there's a period when some people simply forget the hideous details, others may see some minor slop that is contrary.

Then some mainstream begins to report it because mass criminals like David Rockefeller are all mostly dead--he's 93, probably not quite competent, and Bush Sr. is also failing mentally, reports investigative journalist Wayne Madsen. At times like this, and with a potentially honest man like Obama in the White House, mainstream media sometimes begins to be less afraid---younger, smarter and more evolved youth cultures have grown up with the facts, hence they can discuss them, unlike those who remember old apparat inertia.

And when mafia finance is tumbling around, so extreme that even Republicans don't want to bail out an old, bag of bones fart like Rockefeller or DuPont (owners of GM, which built those slaver vans in Doraville GA), people are angry. Time for changes, a better kind of honesty. Evolution.

*me, George again.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

I had never read or heard anything about Sue Arrigo's reports before I met her very recently. She spoke to me about a lot of the topics pointed out in all of the above comments and she came across to me as a very sane, intelligent and down to earth person.
Down to earth might seem paradoxic because of her claimed spiritual, supernatural or paranormal abilities (I'm not sure which word describes them best), but she herself admits that these abilities as well as everything she has been through is just 'bizar'.
The problem with stories like these is that because they all sounds so bizar and far fetched, not enough people will believe them, which causes the responsible people/governments to be able to get away with everything.
I by nature am a very 'to see is to believe' person, that's why I too can't help myself to have some doubts, but the biggest part of me says that her reports are not only her truth, but simply unbelievably horrible facts.

1:22 PM  
Blogger said...

I saw the photos of DR. Arrigo's tongue,after torture.It matches the damage inflicted upon my self.These perps write the DSM IV.They tried many of the same ploys against myself.They didn't know my connections from their past(like my friend that has minders on him 24/7,because he refused to further his complicity in Iran Contra.I have a conduit that sold SNUFF FILMS/KIDDIE PORN/BEASTIALITY/.This was circa :1977-1981 >>THEY WERE MADE ON THE TEX MEX BORDER (TOP LEVEL POLITICIANS FROM TEXAS WERE INVOLVED).He did this for the Boston mob.He had been a HELL's ANGELS MC (SALEM MA CHAPTER) PROSPECT & A SELF DESCRIBED SATAN WORSHIPER. I would have forgotten about it,had I not been tortured BY THE BUSH CABAL/CARTEL.After torturing me & then threatening to kill me & my family if I didn't shut up,they approached me on 4 separate occasions.Now they asked me to join them,because I made them pay in ways they didn't expect. GOOGLE:DAVID FULTON TORTURE

5:52 PM  
Blogger Christopher Michael Phillips said...

I have been going through harassment from my Prior employers IBM and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I work in Information Technology and they screw with my phone constantly. Last night I blogged and posted about then and I was banned from Grinder and I've never done anything inappropriate on there. I reported all this harassment to EEOC and lawyers every time I call a lawyer I get turned down. Call were also blocked to lawyers sometime. Do you now any lawyers that have the balls to take my case. I have all the pictures and documents please take time to read my blog when you get a chance.I upated it a few times a week.

8:31 AM  
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