Friday, March 09, 2007

The prisoner at Guantanomo was beaten so savagely that he suffered brain damage and still experiences frequent seizures. Fortunately for him he was a US soldier in a training exercise or he might not have survived at all.

"You always train at 70 percent. Never 100 percent," says Michael Riley, who was Baker's platoon sergeant. "Seventy percent means you want to practice and be proficient, but not get anybody hurt."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like some of our "boys" just enjoy kicking the shit out of the newbies to teach them a thing or two and get carried away as in completely overboard. The "soldiers" conducting the "training exercise" were told they had a live prisoner, not a newbie in training, hence the reason for making sure the video tape "disappeared".

this is a terrible thing that happened and another reason why folks with ideological reasons for volunteering should just stay home instead of just becoming literally IED fodder or some other sort of fodder.

8:28 PM  

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