Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wingnuts React to the Death of Captain America

The Conservative Voice:

My first thought was “How appropriate!” In a nation that has been hijacked by liberalism and is being slowly destroyed by democrat-ick socialism, it is probably importantly symbolic that with the destruction of the Christian Bible and the traditional holidays recognizing the blessings of God; with the elimination of a Constitution that requires strict interpretation and constructionist action to actually work the way the Founders intended; with the spreading of the liberal religions of Darwinism and Global Warming-ism and with the spreading of immorality through the acceptance of atheism and the homosexual agenda, that Captain America be struck down from a hidden threat on the steps of a court house.

The Ace of Spaids:

He won't be missed. Comic book guys I know say that Marvel has seized on the character as a conveniently star-spangled propagandist for the left, putting faintly absurd anachronistic slogans from the 60's New Left in the mouth of a WWII-era patriot.

So really they killed him five years ago. Now they'll just give the desecrated corpse his proper burial.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Flopping Aces:

The assassination of Captain America at the hands of a sniper isn't what I take issue with. What I find offensive is this: Guess which side they put Captain America on? The symbol of America who has been fighting the bad guys since around 1941 (the first issue has him punching Adolf Hitler in the jaw, before America was even at war), appears to be a liberal Democrat (or possibly a libertarian, which is nothing more than a disgruntled conservative who bellyaches about the size of government and civil liberties). That really makes me want to puke.

Charming bunch aren't they?


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