Saturday, March 24, 2007

Most of the names in Howard Hunt's confession to his son (yesterdays post) are long time suspects. David Atlee Phillips was the subject of the very first post of this blog. Cord Meyer's role is news. Meyer was a senior CIA official. His ex-wife Mary was a free spirit who knew Timothy Leary and had an affair with John Kennedy.

The day after Kennedy's assasination, according to Timothy Leary in his book Flashbacks, Mary phoned him and said: "They couldn't control him any more. He was changing too fast. He was learning too much... They'll cover everything up. I gotta come see you. I'm scared. I'm afraid." Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered on October 12, 1964, apparently a professional hit.

Author C. David Heymann in his book The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club wrote:

Asked to comment on the case, by the current author (C. David Heymann), Cord Meyer held court at the beginning of February 2001 - six weeks before his death - in the barren dining room of a Washington nursing home. Propped up in a chair, his glass eye bulging, he struggled to hold his head aloft. Although he was no longer able to read, the nurses supplied him with a daily copy of The Washington Post, which he carried with him wherever he went. "My father died of a heart attack the same year Mary was killed , " he whispered. "It was a bad time." And what could he say about Mary Meyer? Who had committed such a heinous crime? "The same sons of bitches," he hissed, "that killed John F. Kennedy."


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Watch Pat Speer's latest video (part 2, bottom right).

It's superb stuff.

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