Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Sibel Edmonds Case Again

Sibel Edmonds' case is about the intersection of illegal arms trafficking, heroin trafficking, money laundering, terrorist activities and the corruption of many "highly-recognizable, highly-known names" in and around the US government. Sibel says that the people involved will go straight to prison if we can get hearings into her case. Richard Perle, in prison. Douglas Feith, in prison. Dennis Hastert, in prison. Marc Grossman, in prison.

According to Sibel, the best place to begin trying to understand the case is a recent article by Phil Giraldi in the American Conservative. Sibel says"Giraldi has it 100% right; this I consider the most accurate summary of my case."
This is a story that has almost entirely been ignored by the mainstream media. The media has the ocassional piece on the opium farmers in Afghanistan, and Taliban involvement in the heroin trade. They run stories about the impact of drugs on people in this country. But in between Afghanistan and the United States there is a black tunnel.

The heroin trade could not exist and prosper without high-level corruption in Pakistan, in Turkey, and in the United States. We need Congressional hearings into the case of Sibel Edmonds. We need to push for a special prosecutor to examine the connections between the illegal arms trade, the drug trade, illegal money laundering, and corruption in Washington.

Sibel Edmonds has said that all these areas lead to the same network of people. It has been reported that Al Qaeda is involved in the drug trade. Are these people doing business with the enemy--and, if so, how far back does it go? This is only speculation but does this lead back to 911?


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