Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Charles Harrelson dead

Charles Voyde Harrelson - the killer-for-hire who prompted the biggest FBI investigation ever to probe El Paso by assassinating a federal judge - died last week at a federal prison in Colorado, the San Antonio Express-News reported this morning.

Harrelson, 69, who was the father of actor Woody Harrelson, apparently died of a heart attack in his sleep on March 14 in a maximum security facility, according to the Express-News story.
When he was arrested Harrelson confessed to the murder of Judge John Woods and President John Kennedy but later retracted the second claim. According to this site:

A reporter for the Dallas morning news by the name of Chuck Cook interviewed Harrelson on the judge Wood case and subsequently asked him about his claims of murdering the President, Cook said that Harrelson ‘got this sly little grin on his face, Harrelson is very intelligent and has a way of not answering when it suits him’(6). At a later interview Cook brought the subject up again and at that point Harrelson became very serious, Cook quoted Harrelson as saying "Listen, if and when I get out of here (prison) and feel free to talk, I will have something that will be the biggest story you ever had" and added "November 22, 1963. You remember that!".


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