Thursday, March 09, 2006

More JFK Assassination Documents

Washington Post, July 10, 1975

Castro is Linked To Ruby, Oswald

MIAMI, July 9 (UPI)--

Cuban Premier Fidel Castro and Jack Ruby discussed "removal of the President" at a 1963 meeting 10 weeks prior to President Kennedy's assassination, according to Watergate burglar and one-time Central Intelligence Agency agent Frank Sturgis.

Sturgis claimed in a telephone interview Thursday he had been assigned to investigate possible involvement of Cuban exiles in the Kennedy assassination. He would not say what agency had ordered the probe.

The investigation failed to show any Cuban exile links to Kennedy's death, but produced evidence that Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and Ruby, who shot Oswald in Dallas, were "involved in the same conspiracy, along with some other people," Sturgis said. He said he and "other agents" gave informaton of the meeting to several government agencies in 1964.
Frank Sturgis investigating the Kennedy assassination is a bit like OJ investigating his wife's death.


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