Monday, March 06, 2006

JFK Assassination Research

I just received a small stack of documents from the National Archives and Records Adminstration (NARA) from the Kennedy Assassination Collection. For those not familiar with this, interested researchers and members of the public can search online and then order documents at fifty cents a page. The first 100 pages are free, however, so I would encourage everyone to order. The cover sheets or identification aids to the documents, but not the documents themselves, can be searched at

I thought that over the next few days I would describe some of the documents that I received.

One document #104-10004-10096 contains a translation of a letter from Benito Diaz Camacho of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico and is addressed to Mr. Helen W. Gandy. Helen Gandy, of course, was actually a woman and was J. Edgar Hoover's secretary for decades. The letter is dated June 12, 1964 and states:

The life of the Governor of Texas is in danger. Two men are taking a secret trip from California to Texas. Conduct a search in San Antonio, Texas. It is a savings account. The name is Eric Harvey Oswald. Either Lee changed his name to Eric or he has a relative. In this account, there must be $1,220.

Another document #119-910003-10172 is a Department of the Army document from Finland dated November 27, 1959. It is a list of arms dealers active in Scandinavia. Six companies are listed. One is Interarmco, located in Alexandria, VA. According to Daniel Hopsicker, in his book Barry and the Boys, which I am currently reading, Interarmco was a CIA proprietary company. The last of the companies on the list is Saunders Import Co., which is listed as being based in New York, NY. The contact for this company is named as "Jack Rubenstein (US)."

Another document #104-10109-10374, is from the CIA and is dated August 26, 1960. The subject is Guy W. Banister Associates. The document states, in part, "Subject organization is of interest to CCD/NC for QKENCHANT purposes."

More tomorrow.


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