Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another JFK Assassination Document

#104-10070-10292: This is a memo from Lawrence R. Houston, General Counsel of the CIA, to J. Walter Yeagley, Assistant Attorney General, Internal Security Division, Department of Justice, dated October 31, 1967. The memo concerns Cesario Diosdado of US Customs and his appearance on a list of prospective witnesses in the case of United States v. Rolando Masferrer, et al. Diosdado had arrested Masferrer and the other defendants under a Bureau of Customs warrant. Diosdado's name is consistently mispelled as Diosado in the document.

As we have informed you, since 1962 Diosado, although carried on the Bureau of Customs roles, was actually working for the Central Intelligence Agency, and this Agency reimbursed Customs for his salary. This arrangement is classified as Diosado's duties were in sensitive intelligence areas and it was not intended that he be known as working for this Agency.
If counsel for the defense is able to establish during the trial that Diosado was under the direction and control of the Central Intelligence Agency, it would not only be seriously embarrassing to the Government, but we suggest that it might raise a question of the validity of the arrest in view of the statutory prohibitions on the Agency against the exercise of any police, subpoena, or law-enforcement functions.

For more on Diosdado: http://cuban-exile.com/photo/jfk/KW-JFK2003nov22.pdf


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