Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ex-KGB Colonel: Leaders of the USA and Israel Were Victims of Conspiracy

The link above is to a rather poorly written article which attempts to give the impression that the KGB was behind the JFK assassination, with references to the long-discredited theories of Michael Eddowes the author of Khrushchev killed Kennedy, and the man whose theories led to the exhumation of the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.

What is of interest in this article is that it gives the views of a high-ranking former KGB officer, Dmitry Fonarev, as related to the Russian publication Moscowski Komsomolets. Read carefully, the statements of Fonarev do not support the theory of KGB involvement in the assassination--to the contrary.

American President John Kennedy and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin were killed as a result of a plot, the former high-ranking KGB officer Dmitry Fonarev declared yesterday in the interview to the Russian edition "Moscowski Komsomolets". He clearly specified that in both cases the plots were hatched by the supreme levels of state leadership, or by the secret services. In 1982-91 Fonarev served in 9-th Department of the KGB charged with security of the first persons of the state.

Anyway, it is curious that two weeks prior to the 42-nd anniversary of Kennedy's murder the former bodyguard of the Soviet heads decided to speak up. It is also interesting that Dmitry Fonarev speaks not only on his own behalf: "From our point of view, it was a plot." In confirmation of his version, an authoritative professional, he marks: "The route of Kennedy's ride was changed at the last moment. This means that security simply had no opportunity to check up the route. The feeling is that the President was intentionally brought to this street where the murder awaited."

Then, in the ballistic laboratory of the Moscow department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs a special investigation of circumstances of Kennedy's death was carried out. According to the conclusion of the Soviet experts, the bullets that killed the US President where not shot by Oswald, but someone else shooting from completely another position.
Fourenev also gives his views on the assassination of Robert Kennedy:

The recent interview in the "Moscowski Komsomolets" newspaper is not the first time when Dmitry Fonarev sounds rather non-standard comments concerning attempts at the statesmen in the various countries of the world. It is curious that, as a rule, he talks on this issue during his conversations with the journalists of "Moscowski Komsomolets". In the interview to the same edition, in March 2001 Fonarev stated the version of murder of the brother of the late President Kennedy and a favorite of presidential pre-election race Robert Kennedy in June, 5, 1968. Under the official version, the murderer was the 24-years old immigrant of the Palestinian origin from Jordan Sirhan Abu Hattar (known in the West as Sirhan Sirhan). He shot his victim almost at a point-blank before the eyes of the numerous security men and journalists. However, the former bodyguard of the Soviet heads categorically rejects the official version. As he said: "Sirhan was shooting, but he missed, and Robert was casually shot by his security guard…".
The Axis Globe also attempts to give its own interpretation on this, derived from its own "Israeli sources":

Sirhan Abu Hattar came from East Jerusalem, which up to 1967 was a part of Jordanian Kingdom. He lived in the USA since 1957, but starting from 1964 frequently visited the Middle East. His trips and contacts have drawn attention of the Jordanian and Israeli secret services. According to our Israeli sources, archival materials of that period testify that in Lebanon and Jordan Abu Hattar had connections with activists of left-wing radical fraction "Al-Qaumiun Al-Arab" (Arab Nationalists Movement.) Besides, in 1967 in a secret apartment in the south of Beirut he met the assistant to the trade attaché of the Soviet embassy Vladimir Vasiliev,who was actually the representative of the KGB "residentura" in Lebanon.
Fourenev then gives his view on the Rabin assassination:

In his interview, Dmitry Fonarev together with John Kennedy's murder mentioned the killing of the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He died in November, 1995, under the official version from the hands of the lone Jewish terrorist Yigal Amir. As Fonarev said: "In this case we also see that it was plot ". The President of the Russian association of bodyguards explains this version by a fact that "Rabin was shot practically at point-blank when he was standing between two security guards. The one who worked on such a post it is obvious that it is impossible."
After which the author of the Axis Globe article also attempts to link Rabin's alleged assassin to the KGB.
By the way, similarly to Oswald, shortly before an attempt at the Prime Minister, Yigal Amir have spent rather long time in the territory of the former USSR...

The views of Dmitry Fonarev, an intelligence professional, regarding the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin are extremely interesting and certainly make sense. The attempts of Axis Globe to twist the story so as to blame the KGB for the assassinations are deplorable and unsupported, although I am grateful that they reported Fonarev's comments, as originally made to the Russian-language publication Moscowski Komsomolets.


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