Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Garrison Intelligence Agency

Thomas H. Purvis has been posting on John Simkin's JFK forum (see links) for several months now. His posts have consisted of scattered bits of information that has been difficult to put together. Yesterday he posted this document which caught my eye. Thomas Baumler is an extreme rightwinger who worked for Guy Banister. Harold Weisberg described him this way:

He delineated a self-portrait of an unabashed facist, congenital and conscious. He is aware of the meaning of his beliefs and considers what he describes as his beliefs as proper. He is an exponent of the rights of power. (HSCA Record# 1801007610190)

Jack Martin also worked with Banister and Ferrie. Joan Mellen, in her new book A Farewell to Justice presents evidence that Martin was CIA, and much more important than previously realized. Another piece of the puzzle.


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