Friday, June 11, 2010

The former Chief Election Clerk of the State of Hawaii has told the media that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii! OK, someone who says he held that position called into a racist radio show called Political Cesspool and claimed that. There is a Youtube video showing the logos of the racist Coalition of Conservative Citizens and Stormfront. See it here.
Update: More on the story from Obama Conspiracy Theories and WorldNetDaily
Update: Tim Adams is apparently something of a whack job.


Blogger ewastud said...

Tim Adams a former chief election clerk in Hawaii? Since when? In what decade? Probably long before Barack Obama was a political officeholder.

I have lived in Hawaii since 1983 and never heard of a "Tim Adams" or that he was an election clerk, and I served as an election official about 1998. If there ever was a chief election clerk by that name, I probably would be familiar with him.

In any case, an election clerk would not be privy to candidates' birth certificates, so how the hell would he know? And if he was an election clerk long before Obama held any kind of political office, what would have prompted him to try to investigate such an arcane question about some obscure person who once lived in the state and he could have had no idea that he would become a prominent political figure?

10:10 PM  
Blogger ewastud said...

Doing a search in our local daily newspaper I found this article that shows that Kevin Cronin was the State's chief elections officer in July 2008. He was replaced this year by a fellow named Nago (family name).

10:23 PM  

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