Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blogger Gryphen presents evidence that there may be two Trig Palins. Has Sarah Palin pulled a baby-substitution and, if so, why? Read the story here. I eagerly await the three-baby theory.

One possible reason for the switcheroo is suggested by the disreputable TBR News, which is that Trig died.

At a tragic point, not yet disclosed, little Trig died at the Palin’s home in Wasilla, Alaska (advanced Mongoloids do not live very long lives) and after some consultation with political advisors, who viewed the baby as a political asset, was privately buried in the back yard of the Governor’s home.

This tragedy was increased when the neighbor’s Rottweiler, Guenther, apparently dug up the baby’s remains and when neighbors saw the dog running down the street with its dreadful prize clamped in its jaws, law enforcement and animal control people were called. After a wild chase and the use of tranquilizer darts, the dog was asleep on the sidewalk and the horrified officials were left with the half-eaten remains. These would have normally been turned over to the county medical examiner but the Governor’s rank and political aspirations resulted in a reburial. A bucket of cement was used to fill the hole dug out by Guenther (who later regained consciousness and was turned over to his owners with the instructions to not ever let him out of the house again without a leash.)
This is fucking hilarious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't funny at all. That blogger is spreading ignorant misinformation and any pediatrician could set the issue straight in just a minute. That isn't a permanent ear malformation. That is just soft cartilage on a premature infant that has been temporarily squished while in the womb or traveling through the birth canal. This is even common on babies born at term; the cartilage hardens up and regains it's intended shape during the first few weeks after birth.

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