Monday, February 22, 2010

Interesting anonymous comment left on yesterday's Claw Shaw post. Interesting enough that I quote part of it today:

The Cannonfire post, alleging that Gore Vidal and Clay Shaw were friends and/or lovers, is spooky, and all the more so in light of Vidal's outspoken defense of Oklahoma City mass-murderer Timothy McVeigh as a "true patriot."

" ... whatever became of Clay Shaw? [His niece] answered that he went off to stay with a friend who maintained a villa in Italy. Presumably, Shaw there spent his few remaining days in peace ... Who among Shaw's friends had a villa in Italy?"

SALERNO, Italy (Reuter) - American author and social critic Gore Vidal was rushed to hospital in the southern Italian town of Salerno Friday after suffering a hemorrhage but was in a stable condition, doctors said. Vidal, 70, was taken to the San Giovanni hospital shortly after 6 a.m. following a rectal hemorrhage. A hospital official said he would undergo tests Saturday and a decision would be made then on how long to keep him in hospital.

Vidal has a villa on the Italian coast.


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