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For background on this you will want to read my 2-part post on the bizarre allegations of Dr. Sue Arrigo, which can be found here. Dr. Arrigo has alleged that she has twice treated Osama bin Laden after September 11, that AIDS is manmade, and that she was a remote viewer for the CIA. Others, including her sister, believe that she is a paranoid schizophrenic.

In the latest development Dr. Sue Arrigo has left a lengthy comment on my original post which can be read here.

As a covert asset of the CIA's I did not talk about my work inside the CIA even to my mother and closer sister Jean, until after my cover was blown. It is to my credit that my sister Linda did not know about my CIA work. I worked inside the CIA for many decades as a remote viewer for DCIs. I also worked in my outer life as a Medical Director for a company in a stable job for over a decade. No one at the CIA or that company ever thought I had a serious mental illness, or I wouldn't have been there the next day. These were the people I was working with everyday and knew me well enough to judge my behavior.

In Aug. 2004, I refused an assignment from Cheney to frame Iran as developing nuclear weapons. Cheney had asked me to go to Iran as a physician to treat children as a "humanitarian gesture". I am not a pediatrician and said so. He said a camera crew would go with me and in would rush an Iranian looking man claiming to know where the Iranian govt. was making nuclear weapons. By saying that I was too busy as a physician in California to stay more than a day in Iran, I got him to admit that the rest of the filming of the underground bunker was scheduled to be made in Hollywood anyway. It was a 'Wag the Dog" type of propaganda piece. After I refused, Cheney threatened the life of my mother.
The week after I refused, I was kidnapped in Virginia, tortured in an underground CACI facility next to CIA headquarters and injected with CIA designer drugs. After I was released, I was thrown into a mental hospital to try to prove that I was crazy. The CIA uses long acting BZ and amphetamines to discredit people.
The eyeball photo is from Dr. Sue Arrigo's site The CIA's Torture of ex-CIA Physician Sue Arrigo, MD. As Dr. Arrigo says,"The intelligence world is a strange one and often unbelievable to outsiders."


Blogger Hyperman said...

Her pattern sounds exactly like a paranoid schizophrenic. And there's nothing on that eyeball picture.

"The intelligence world is a strange one and often unbelievable to outsiders."
I would say that the mental health world is a strange one and often unbelievable to outsiders. The main problem of that terrible disease is that the hallucinations are so real that it becomes impossible to make the distinction with reality. Another key characteristic is that they are always central figure in some grandiose global conspiracy scenario. It's never something small, it often involve current events. And they will usually hallucinate that anyone contradicting or trying to help them is part of that grand conspiracy against them. A little bit like what is happening with Joseph Cannon right now :)

One of my good friend's mother was persuaded that the CIA was sending her orders through the wires in the house. She would run around the house at night with scissors and cut all the wires to any electric appliance to make it stop (without success). Schizophrenia is a terrible disease.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would anyone take a person like this seriously? Shame on those who push her idiotic conspiracy theories on the gullible public.

Meanwhile I went into Czechoslavia(sic) to find resistance fighters freezing in the forests as partisans after the fall of the Plague(sic) Spring and lead them into Hungaria (sic). There were not many remote viewers at the time who could find people and breaks in the East-West border. So here I was trying to lead East Blockers to safety while viewing the enslavement of US children by the CIA in every spare moment of my time.

Talk about why I was a multiple! It was really hard to square the reality of what happened to run-away children in the US with the rhetoric that the US was a free and democratic country.

It was particularly poignant for me because I was leading these Czech resistance fighters to supposed freedom while taking them straight to the CIA which had sexually and brutally regularly tortured me since I was three. If they had known that, they never would have come with me.

1:25 PM  

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