Friday, March 07, 2008

Continued from "The Execution of Robert Kennedy"

Investigators have learned that the man first approached to kill Sirhan was Eugen Wrangell, a Czechoslovakian national. Mr. Wrangell, according to information was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency in Prague in 1967 or 1968. Against his will he was forced to assume the identity of a man named Vladimir Alexander Zato who had died, under mysterious cirucumstances, in an automobile accident in Italy in 1968. It was during this period that Wrangell (Zato) first met CIA agent E. Howard Hunt. Wrangell is now incarcerated in San Quentin prison under the name Vladimir A. Zatko.

During 1973 and 1974 Mr. Zatko and other inmates including Robert Hyde, the noted "jail house lawyer", confirmed this information and joined Mr. Zatko in attempting to expose the death threats against both Mr. Sirhan and Mr. Wood. Finally on April 4, 1974, Zatko took the Protestant Chaplin at San Quentin prisoner at knife point, according to news reports, and demanded to be allowed to talk to special agents of the FBI concerning the Sirhan-Wood affair. Guards overpowered Mr. Zatko before he could make his story known.

Both Mr. Hyde and Mr. Zato have expressed a willingness to offer proof of their allegations to authorities if they are first granted federal protection and removal to a federal facility. Both men swear that Mr. Sirhan's life is in immediate jeopard as of this moment.


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