Saturday, March 01, 2008

The coming attack on Obama

It appears that very likely the contest in November will be between Obama and McCain. The two issues will be Iraq and the economy, and both issues favor Obama. McCain will point to Obama's lack of experience, a legitimate concern to be sure, but an issue that will likely not resonate with the American people. After all, Obama has more experience than Abraham Lincoln did before becoming President.

Apart from being on the wrong side of the war in Iraq, according to every poll of the American people, McCain has three problems; 1) he is old, 2) he is, well, very old, and 3) he is really, really old. Oh, and his own party doesn't much like him.

Also, Obama has one thing in common with the hero of the Right, Ronald Reagan, he of blessed memory, the American people like him. The Republicans are going to try to change that. The will try to make us fear and mistrust him. It has begun.

Melanie Morgan, who I often listen to on the drive in to work, has a piece in WorldNetDaily. She quotes from Newsweek's Andrew Romano:

Over the past few months, it's become clear that there are some shady people out there bent on spreading the claim – completely, inarguably, demonstrably false – that Obama is a "crypto-Muslim Manchurian candidate."

Melanie comments:

You catch that? Completely. Inarguably. Demonstrably. False.

For a moment I thought he was referring to Newsweek's own reporting, but no, he was flakking for Obama as most reporters have.
Do you follow this? The problem Melanie sees is not that some people on her side are describing Obama as a "crypto-Muslim Manchurian candidate," but that the biased media are saying that this claim is false, which it is. The real problem, according to Melanie is, get this, Barack Obama's patriotism deficit. Read it for yourself.

Crazy Pammy makes Melanie look like a moderate. She relies heavily on material at Freedom's Enemies . Freedom's enemies, by the way, are "Islamic radicals and their supporters on the left." She says that "Obama sides with Islamists and their handmaidens."

The rightwing will make every effort to make Obama look anti-American and anti-Semitic while John McCain stays above the fray. The problem for the right is that anyone who reads Pam Geller or WorldNetDaily is unlikely to vote for Obama in the first place and attempts to smear Obama are likely to backfire.

My prediction: Obama wins. Now, let's make it happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John McCain is becoming a figure of ridicule before our eyes. As gaffe prone as Romney. This whole thing is a joke. A man who is 'tongue-tied' and can't think on the spot. I wonder who that remind me of???

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Bill W, NH said...

as a Ron Paul supporter and now feeling left out, my vote will go to Obama. McCain is just 10000% out of the question.

2:04 PM  

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