Friday, February 22, 2008

Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair has a Criminal Record

The current issue of the supermarket tabloid Globe (March 3,2008)) devotes two full pages to the lurid drug and sex allegations of Larry Sinclair. The Globe notes that "Sinclair has provided no evidence to back up his outrageous Obama stories."

Although Sinclair has provided no evidence to back up his outrageous Obama stories, the 46-year old man tells GLOBE that he's spent time in prison in Florida, Arizona and Colorado on credit card fraud and other charges.

He also admits trafficking in cocaine and marijuana and "moving" people from Mexico to the United States.

He says he's been disabled since a "work-related" accident in 2001 and has now been diagnosed with a brain tumor and given "a little more than a year to live.

The Globe obviously has serious doubts about Sinclair's allegations. They note:

The wild gay sex accusations certainly don't seem to fit in with what sources tell GLOBE about Obama, dad of two daughters.

A pal from his high school days in Hawaii says, "Barry had a big appetite for girls" and at parties "he'd quote poetry and be intellectual and pretty soon he'd vanish with a girl."


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