Sunday, February 17, 2008

JFK Lancer News Release:

Scientific Audio Evidence Reveals Second Gunman in RFK Assassination

In 2004 the only known audio tape of the RFK assassination was discovered stored in the California State Archives in Sacramento, CA by an investigative journalist. Recorded by independent journalist Stanislaw Pruszynski, it is the only known audio recording that contains the actual shots fired during the shooting on June 5, 1968 in Los Angeles.

Three years ago, Philip Van Praag, an expert in the forensic analysis of magnetic media recordings, began studying the audio tape with startling results; the tape revealed between 10 and 13 shots fired. The presence of 10 shots is highly significant because Sirhan's handgun could fire no more than eight shots without reloading. Additionally, two of the shots occured so close together that they could not have been fired by the same gunman; strong evidence of a second gun being fired by someone other than Sirhan.

Van Praag will present his unique scientific testing methods and results at 4:00pm on February 21st at the American Academy of Forensic Scientists (AAFS) meeting in Washington DC. His presentation is entitled "Acoustic Analysis of Gunshot Recordings Utilizing Frequency Selective Integrated Loudness Envelope Evaluation". AAFS is the world's most prestigious forensic science organization.


Blogger Joseph said...

Interesting indeed! The audio of the shooting has been rumored for ages.

I should note that there may still be at least one other tape of the shooting out there somewhere. Ira Goldstein, one of the five non-fatal victims of the shooting, was a young worker for a local radio news station. Basically, his job was to get what were called "actuals" -- tape recordings of people making important statements. So he had a small (small as they got in 1968) portable tape recorder with him, which was placed on or near the stand at which RFK gave his speech. ("Let's go on to Chicago...") As you know, that sort of thing was pretty common practice.

Ira told me that he left the machine where it was so that he could follow RFK and shake his hand. The machine was left running and had a fair amount of blank tape. The podium was not close to the kitchen, but the sound might well have carried.

Ira was shot in the butt; the wound was not very severe. (He still has the sport coat with the bullet hole.)

When Ira finally was in a position to look for the tape recorder, he discovered that someone had taken it!

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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