Wednesday, February 13, 2008

JFK Assassination Corner

This is from "Richard Cotten's Conservative Viewpoint" dated September 9, 1964, as reproduced in assassination record #124-10029-10132, originating from the FBI. It consists of an article titled "Implications of President Kennedy's Assassination" by Dr. Revilo Oliver, the only Warren Commission witness whose name is a palindrome.

There is a good deal of evidence, including that of persons who say they saw the newsreel film before it was tampered with, and the reported opinions of the physicians who examined the body in Dallas, that four shots were fired--not three--and that at least one of them came from a different location. That, of course, is the kind of evidence that Earl Warren will probably do his best to suppress.


Blogger Joseph said...

Not every conspiracy theorist is your friend. Revilo, as you know, wrote "Marxmanship in Dallas" for the John Birch organ American Opinion. In those articles, he claimed that JFK was a commie killed by other commies.

I once spent a day looking over the run of AO from that period. (They have a set at UCSB.) VERY trippy.

Revilo later became pretty open about his racism, which led to his break from the Birchers. (They prefered sub-rosa racism). Google "Revilo" and "nigger" and you'll find some really obnoxious stuff.

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