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William "Bill" Smatt is an interesting fellow. He is a millionaire, a former cocaine addict, mayoral candidate, and the self-proclaimed "spiritual messenger of God." He has also written a book The Messiah in which he identifies the Messiah as President George W. Bush.

According to blogger Joseph Cannon there have been allegations that Smatt made his money in the drug trade, and that his operation may have been partners with the Bush family. This is all based on statements by an alleged FBI agent by the name of Darlene Novinger. Cannon quotes from Rodney Stitch's book Defrauding America:

She worked on Operation Nimbus, investigating large-scale drug smuggling on the Eastern seaboard. The investigation revealed the narcotic operation of a powerful Lebanese family living in Miami and Jamaica, which was also tied to the Lebanese fascist Phalange. Family's name is Smatt, headed by William Smatt. And Novinger said the Smatt operation implicated VP Bush and son Jeb.
Well, maybe. The most complete account of these allegations that I have found can be located in a three part interview in the magazine Contact, available online at The Phoenix Archives. Apparently Novinger was a contract agent, rather than a graduate of the FBI Academy, and I have been unable to find any confirmation of an Operation Nimbus. She also allegedly recorded for Atlantic Records under the name Darlene Masi, a fact I cannot confirm.

Smatt may or may not have been involved in the cocaine trafficking but he certainly did a lot of cocaine according to his book A Millionaire's Cocaine Encounter. The book is a very believable account of the attraction and the horror of cocaine addiction. Believable that is, except for one part--Smatt's account of how he came to do cocaine in the first place.

One "hot and sultry day" in 1982 the door bell to his mansion rang and at the door:

There, standing in the doorway was a vision - more divine and more perfect than I believed possible. She was tall and elegant and incrediby beautiful. Her hair glistened in the late afternoon sun and her perfune was intoxicating. Her hazel eyes were deep and they flashed excitement. Her smile simply took my breath away. The outfit she was wearing left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She was dressed in a red wet-look suit. I was so captivated and mesmerized by her awesome beauty that I was stunned into silence.
The woman addressed him by name and he invited her in. Over champagne she whipped out a pipe and they shared $500 worth of cocaine that she happened to have on her. Well, maybe, but the thought did occur to me that this might be a cover story. If Smatt was involved in the drug trade did he, perhaps, sample the product?

For more on William Smatt and Darlene Novinger see Joseph Cannon's posts here and here and here and here and here.

One also wonders if perhaps Smatt might have sampled other, more hallucinogenic, drugs. If so, that might explain his second book The Messiah. For the Messiah you see is George W. Bush, as revealed to the author in a vision by three "sprits". I assume he means spirits, but then perhaps not as he repeats the first spelling a few lines later. The sprits told him to write a book.

Throughout the book the author refers to Bush as "the Messiah, the Chosen One, the Annointed one, the Peacekeeper", generally in bold type like that. Now, to be fair, Smatt does say that he is using the term Messiah in the Jewish not the Christian sense, so presumably the President was not born of a virgin.

There is one word that possibly can sum up his efforts ... LOVE. President George W. Bush is teaching the world how to love they fellow man.
Actually, I might choose a different word, but no matter.

George Bush was chosen and annointed as the Messiah at he moment of 9/11. Smatt admits that Bush was perhaps momentarily stunned by the events of that day, but soon, chosen by divine destiny, mastered his situation.

President Bush, The Peacekeeper, keenly studied the mountains of intelligence before him....

President George Bush represents a different kind of leader. He is something of a Sherlock Holmes, seeing not just what is there, but what is not there.

Like other divinely-inspired leaders The Messiah faced opposition.

Yes, even the movie, Farenheight 911, would fail to unseat President Bush, The Messiah, The Peacekeeper.

The power of the dark was being washed away by the light...

The God that created all of us, even those who chose to violate His creation; in his infinite wisdom and mercy, has sent us the One annointed by him with powers far beyond our comprehension to stand against evil.
How could Michael Moore have known?

No one can deny that President George Bush has succeeded in ares where every other leader has failed.

The difference is that President George Bush was not appointed...He was annointed by higher powers...

All life and all existence on earth as we know it depends on this divine mission.
So as William Smatt says towards the end of the book: "GET OFF THE MESSIAH'S BACK !"

The book The Messiah, by the way, is labeled as Vol. 1.


Blogger Hyperman said...

I admire the courage required to go through such a book. It must feel like reading The Onion.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous marxtone said...

maybe he meant 'sprites' [cucukoo clock goes off]

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't fuck with the Jesus.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have known William for 30 years and lived with him at his mansion and went to St. Patricks mass while in Miami Beach,Fla. William has not ever been like this subject here,and lets people use his good intentions,he is quite handsome in his younger years ,always saying in his accent,Let not thy heart be troubled. Love, Paula

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darlene was my wife from 1989 to 1993 I know the real truth

11:21 AM  

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