Friday, August 31, 2007

Inside the FBI's secret files on Coretta Scott King

Comprised of nearly 500 pages, with some of those documents partially or totally censored, the intelligence file paints a disturbing picture.

For example: The FBI very closely spied and did surveillance on Scott King for years, keeping close track of her public appearances, speeches and especially anytime she traveled.

In fact, the file shows the FBI was copying various military intelligence organizations on her activities including the 115 th M.I. of the U.S. Army, the Office of Naval Intelligence, and a number of military bases.

Other reports also show the White House being in the loop on this surveillance. One Agent reported on then New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller’s phone call to Scott King after her husband’s death, offering his condolences and ongoing help. Another reported to the Nixon White House and then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about what they had learned about Scott King.


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