Thursday, August 30, 2007

Greg Palast, one of the last of the real journalists, goes to New Orleans and makes "a weird, puzzling and horrific discovery."
Among the miles and miles of devastated houses, rubble still there today in New Orleans, we found dry, beautiful homes. But their residents were told by guys dressed like Ninjas wearing "Blackwater" badges: "Try to go into your home and we'll arrest you."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know of someone who might have been suicided by blackwater mercs in New Orleans. Just a young man. I'm not going to give details, but he did "commit suicide" and he had just written about running afoul of blackwater goons the day before.

8:23 PM  
Blogger ewastud said...

You SHOULD have said that the journalist reporting this story is Greg Palast, NOT Robert Parry, although both are very good.

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Deighved H Stern MD said...

Thank you. I was going crazy looking for a Robert Parry article with that info.

Formatting issues here aren't going to be fixed with a change of colors. A reliable RSS feed, and a more readable/accessable, less noisy front page - essentially a reworking of the entire structure is what it would take.

I would also suggest making outside links open in a new tab or window when clicked.

(I add this, because somewhere, buried on ths site, is a post with Gary plaintively asking us "why didn't you tell me?" in response to a review.)

10:33 AM  
Blogger gary said...

Thanks ewastud for correcting my error.

Dr. Stern, I must confess that the former color scheme was a deliberate exerecise in bad taste. I would like to totally revamp this site but that would require someone else to do it for me and for little or no cost.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Deighved H Stern MD said...

Having run my own website for four years (Deep Politics/Deep Times - 1994-1998) I completely understand that stance.

If your experience mirrors mine, you could put out word for such volunteers and get a large number of responses, but follow-through.

Like I said, I only brought it up because you mentioned it earlier. unattractive, noisy, and cumbersome though the current layout may be, content is king for those motivated enough to find it in the first place, and return thereafter.

11:27 AM  
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