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Hey Gary:

Long time, but I'm back blogging as Kelso's Nuts at normal spot.

"A nation of scientific illiterates..." True. 73%? Crazy, and it's all part and parcel of the reason that the U.S.A. sits in third place behind the EU and China and is about to be passed by Russia on most indicators of Advanced Civilization.

Lenin asked: "What is to be done?" Good question, but his answer didn't turn out any good.

I'll tell you a little story that maybe is more on point. I was at Hollywood Park racetrack in 1994 with a friend whose sister worked in the Clinton administration. We had arrived very early, maybe 1 1-4 hours before first post. So, we were there for the raising of the American flag and the singing of the anthem. We were the only ones not to stand. My friend said to me: "Kelso, when I used to see this I'd get all pissed off about how Americans are all sheep and nothing's going to change. Now, I just wonder in amazement and think 'WHY AREN'T I RICH?'"

A healthier way to think of things, it seems.

Your pal,


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Anonymous captainboog said...

You gotta take science with a big grain of salt. Science is forever reinventing itself, disproving old theories and going through conceptual revolutions.

I have a hard time thinking of any scientific theories that haven't been disproved or superseded.

So in my opinion, people treat science as a religion. People BELIEVE the current pop science concepts. If someone where to profess that the world works the way science thought it did 100 years ago, we'd ridicule them. But somehow, if you don't believe what science thinks today, you're ridiculed.

Religion is a bunch of horseshit too. Probably more so, cause it rarely changes.

I like to consider a synthesis of the two opposing viewpoints of creationism vs. evolution: Aliens did it. Evolution happened and is happening. Life has been on this planet for a LONG time. But gods came down a few thousand years ago and started tinkering, seeding, cultivating, and experimenting.

Gods. What we would call a species of life that is much more advanced than us. Something with higher senses, higher mobility, higher technology, and higher spiritual awareness. Basically, something more evolved than humans, with spaceships and genetic engineering technology.

Frankly, the evidence for alien life visiting this world is astounding. Check out The Disclosure Project

Furthermore, I suspect that some of this alien life is running the show. Behind the scenes. Giving us "civilization" like all of those empires did to their colonies. Possibly farming the earth for something (like human souls :)), or "terraforming" the earth into something more suitable for their life.

It's a far out idea, but the theory does fit a lot of the facts. Such as most of the creation myths. The world-wide suppression of free-energy research. Occult links to the powerful. And the massive number of ufo and alien sightings, often by credible witnesses.

Actually, a lot of the ufo stuff could just be explained by some splinter group of humanity that managed space travel and settled on the moon before the apollo program. Marconi, the developer of radio, might have something to do with this. (But actually, Marconi's contemporary, Tesla, that great genius, was reportedly aware of some ufo activity, even as he developed the technology that would enable a ufo.) That and secret military ufos. Those definitely exist, but it's not at all certain if they comprise all of the ufos.


Thanks for the great blog, dude.

(more info at now defunct blog, soon to be reinvented at another domain:
captainboog blog)

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