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."Historians readily acknowledge that the Copernican Revolution [i.e., the idea that 'the earth moves and turns'] spawned the bloody French and Bolshevic revolutions... set the stage for the ancient Greek dogma of evolution...led to Marxism and Communism...It is reported that Marx even acknowledged his indebtedness to Copernicus, without whom Marx believed that his ideas would not have gained much acceptance...It is thus a small step to total rejection of the Bible and the precepts of morality and law taught therein." - Gerardus Bouw, Ph.D.,
Similar arguments have long been made against the theory of evolution. This article looks at those who say that Copernicus was Wrong. Should geocentrism be taught alongside the Copernican theory in the public schools? True, it has been abandoned long ago by virtually all scientists and is demonstrably wrong, but that does not stop the advocates of "creation science", which should always be put in quotes as it is not science.
For more about geocentrism from a Catholic perspective see Catholic Truths


Anonymous charmingDeviant said...

I commented on this subject awhile back on my blog. I think you were far more understated and, perhaps kinder. I don't think this sort of nonsense should be tolerated in anything resembling scientific discourse or in any educational context. Next they'll try to discredit modern medicine and bring back the leeches!

Here's my post:!D5BF2B4DBDA6DB1E!384.entry

Thank you for an excellent blog. I imaging you have many more lurkers than commenters...

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