Wednesday, February 07, 2007

William F. Buckley on E. Howard Hunt

A year ago he asked me, through an intermediary, to write the introduction to his memoirs. I read them with great misgivings. There was material there that suggested transgressions of the highest order, including a hint that LBJ might have had a hand in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. The manuscript was clearly ghostwritten.

I declined to write the introduction. But when the manuscript was resubmitted to me, with the loony grassy-knoll bits chiseled out, I said okay, but wrote an introduction restricted to describing our early friendship in Mexico. The book will be published (by John Wiley) in March.
Darn, I really wanted to read the "looney grassy-knoll" parts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, you don't like the parts where Bill and Howard gambol on the Mesa?

What happened to Buckley's ennui and his promise to off himself?

3:26 AM  

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