Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Response to readers

A few days back I asked my regular readers what they wanted to see in this blog. Here are the replies and my responses:

Anonymous said...
JFK assissination stuff. Current events. Yeah,I'm interested in reading that stuff. And yes,I do appreciate the occasional scantily-clad woman.

OK, great Anonymous, thanks. More JFK assissination and current event stuff on the way. And look for the occasional scantily-clad women.

albion said...
dirt, baby, dirt! scandals, rumors, irresponsible speculation. all that stuff that makes the blogosphere so great.

You got it albion! Bush is gay, you know. I mean really, really gay.

mikevotes said...
I go with Albion. That's what I enjoy when I come by. Doesn't have to be current, I like the posts that imply and let me go off into my own speculations.Mike

Thanks Mike. Mike authors one of the best blogs, Born at the Crest of the Empire.

Anonymous said...
Do away with non-JFK strippers and stick to the Kennedy assassination. That's your strong suit.

OK, more Kennedy assassination stuff coming soon. I realize that there are plenty of blogs that excerpt news stories and comment on them, and do it better. I try to avoid that type of post unless it fits into my focus around covert operations and the intelligence community, or unless there is something I really want to say. No more non-JFK strippers--I do like strippers--however, I will try to limit it to strippers who worked for Jack Ruby. Look for new photos of Candy Barr soon.


Blogger Prof. Hex said...

Ok, how about JFK-era strippers? That way you won't have to worry about running out....

12:22 PM  

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