Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Prominent conservative Joseph Farah has accused former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and former Vice President Al Gore of treason:

What is it with this recent trend of American officials and former officials going abroad to criticize their own country and enflame the passions of our nation's enemies?

I don't suppose there is any way to rein them in. Personally, I think anyone who conducts himself in this way should be barred from re-entering the country. That's not likely to happen in this era of America-bashing.

But, at least, Americans should understand what is happening. At least Americans should hold these officials and former officials accountable for their actions. At the very least, they need to be treated for what they are when they come home – irresponsible, gutless traitors.


The growing polarization of politics in this country is appalling and troubling. Accusing political opponents of treason,and other extreme rhetoric is not limited to the Right, but that is where most of it seems to come from of late.


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