Thursday, December 08, 2005

Regular readers of this blog know that one of my main interests is the Kennedy assassination. We will never know the full story of the Kennedy assassination. People still debate whether it was the Mafia or the CIA. (It was both, in my opinion, but the tail doesn't wag the dog.) A handful of people still maintain that it was Lee Harvey Oswald, acting entirely on his own.

The assassination of President John Kennedy is an unsolved homicide but it is more than that. It was a covert operation. Study of the political assassinations of the sixties sheds a little light on the shadowy nexus between organized crime, the political power structure of this country, and its intelligence apparatus.

Assassination researcher Lisa Pease posts at Real History, not as often as I would like, but always worth reading. She is also co-editor of the book pictured above, which is essential reading. She recently had this to say:

When people used to join the CIA under James Angleton, he wouldn't let them work in his counterintelligence outfit until they had studied one Soviet deception case, called "The Trust", for two full years. Only then were they fit to study counter-intelligence. Similarly, I wish citizens would study the Kennedy assassination for two years. After that, they would never take any government or media pronouncement on faith alone. They would ask to see the evidence. They would ask better questions, and hold the government and media more accountable to the truth.


Blogger mikevotes said...

I often bring up the Kennedy assassination when talking to people about the WMD lies. The conspiracy belief, that I share, is pretty prevalent among fairly staunch republicans.

And if they believe that elements of the government could have involvement in Kennedy, why then can they not believe that the WMD intel was also an operation?

Off your topic, I know.


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