Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bush Breakdown!
What every American needs to know.
President Bush is drinking heavily again as he's overwhelmed by crisis after crisis, GLOBE has learned exclusively. "Bush is breaking down. He's boozing and that's a dangerous personal situation, " a source tells us. "It's an open secret in the Inner circle, no one is happy about it. He's fallen back into it. He's under so much stress that he just cracked. The White House is hiding this from America. They don't want anyone to know.
"The President is hanging in there by a thread thanks to Laura's unwavering support." Shockingly, insiders have even whispered that the president has been seeing atherapist to help hm cope and in several emotional outbusts, told Laura he just can't take it anymore.
In one outburst, a source reveals that Bush "actually had tears in his eyes as he said, "I'd just walk away from all of this if I could. The price is too high!"


Blogger mikevotes said...

I assume you saw the Insight mag piece on Bush severing contact with everybody but four strong women, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Condi Rice, and Karen Hughes.

Single sourced so there are questions about accuracy and motivation, but really juicy. Two links to the story off my blog.



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