Friday, August 12, 2005

Marina Oswald

After the assassination James Martin was the manager of the Inn of the Six Flaggs where Marina Oswald was kept in seclusion. He also became for a time her boyfriend and business manager. A member of John Simkin's JFK Forum (see my links), Gibson Vendettuoli, a lad all of 14 at the time, had gotten to know him through personal connections and obtained a written statement from him (Posted October 8, 2004). He had this to say concerning Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald's brother Robert:

Robert was trying to help Marina make herself heard. Marina told him, in my presence, that Lee was caught between two powers--the government and organized crime. When she was questioned by the Warren people, as she referred to them, she was a blind kitten. She wasn't saying Lee was innocent, but she wasn't sure Lee shot Kennedy or not, she wasn't sure if he knew about any conspiracies or if he was part of one, but she knew he wasn't guilt of murder.

She said the Warren people told her that they had uncovered Jack Ruby's underworld connections and that he killed Lee to keep his mouth shut. Lee was "professionally schooled in secretiveness" and worked for the American government.

Martin went on to say that Marina began to have an affair with her late husband's brother. The Warren people found out and used it to their advantage:
Right after that, almost as if on cue, Robert began to be very cooperative about saying his brother was guilty, and even coming up with new evidence. Robert had a wife and children. the Warren people found out about Robert's indiscretion (a little birdy named me told them). After that, he was in a bind and had to keep it secret, which is why he incriminated his brother, even after everything Marina had said.


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Blogger vivienateng said...

one look at his ex wife, i knew she is all wrong.

Luved Margurite too bad the media ridicule her.

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