Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tippit-Weissman-Ruby meeting

From the Warren Commission Report (p.591, New York Times edition)

Speculation.-Patrolman J. D. Tippit, Bernard Weissman, and Jack Ruby met by prearrangement on November 14, 1963 at the Carousel Club.

Commission Finding.-Investigation has revealed no evidence to support the allegation. Nor is there any evidence that any of the men knew each other.

Excerpts from an FBI document from the National Archives (#180-10020-10469), dated March 28, 1967. The original document is a teletype and is in all caps.

Bureau has received a letter from a Mr. Lawrence Schiller, Alskog, Inc., Los Angeles, dated March Fifteen last ...

Schiller has advised he is in possession of the name and location of Mark Lane's informant who allegedly furnished Lane information. He was supposedly present and overheard an alleged meeting between Jack Ruby, Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit, and Bernard Weissman, On Nov. Fourteen, Sixtythree...

Schiller interviewed by Los Angeles, March Twentytwo last, and indicated that Mark Lane's confidential informant is Paul Bridewell aka Phil Burns, and that Bridewell currently located somewhere in Oregon, possibly Portland or Rainier. Exact location of Bridewell is probably known to one John Sutton, who formerly was in radio business in Dallas...

According to Schiller, Mark Lane learned of identity of Bridewell and info in possession of Bridewell from Theodore (Thayer) Waldo, formerly associated with Fort Worth, Texas, newspaper, "Sun Telegraph"...

Waldo indicates that about a week after assassination Sutton asked to meet him at the Dallas Press Club and at that time Sutton indicated he knew a man who witnessed a meeting in the Carousel Club between Ruby, Officer J.D. Tippit, and a Bernard Weissman, but who was reluctant to come forward with this information [over one line redacted]

Waldo indicateds that on or about Dec. Seven, Sixtythree, he met Sutton at the Dallas Press Club and was introduced to Phil Burns, White male, age late thirties, five feet eight, one forty five lbs., chestnut hair, wore glasses and employed by some advertising firm on account of one of Sutton's sponsors. After many assurances that identity would be protected, Burns related that he was acquainted with Ruby [about one line redacted] also that he knew officer Tippit since he had seen him in uniform at the club which apparently was on his beat. Burns indicated he passed a table and Ruby greeted him saying, "You know J.D. here", and Ruby then introduced the other individual as Bernard Weissman from the East. Burns described Weissman as white male, thirtyfive years, black hair, over six feet tall. Burns allegedly returned to his table and Ruby sent him a complimentary drink.

I do not know at this point if the FBI located Paul Bridewell. I believe that Bridewell may have been using an alias because he was in the Carousel Club with a woman who was not his wife.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not sure if you are familiar with the career of Lawrence Schiller. This tool has injected himself into many of the spookier events of recent history. Just a partial list: Marilyn Monroe; the JFK assassination cover-up; the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests; Lenny Bruce; the Manson murders, Columbine; Jon-Benet Ramsey case; O.J. Simpson case; Robert Hanssen spy case. There are others, I guarantee you, I just cant think of them right off.
He claims to be an investigative journalist, among other things.

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