Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More On Albert Schweitzer College:

The following information is drawn from "Harvey and Lee" by John Armstrong:

One of the Directors of Friends of Albert Schweitzer College, incorporated in the State of New York in 1953 was Percival F. Brundage.

According to Armstrong the earliest known list of students was from the 1957-58 year, consisting of 30 students, none from Switzerland.

Armstrong quotes from a New York Times story of July 17, 1959:

"In 1973, Mr. Brundage and another former Government official were said by sources in the charter airline industry to have acted for the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960 purchase by the C.I.A. of Southern Air Transport of Miami. The agency apparently used the airline in paramilitary missions in the Congo, the Caribbean and Indochina."

According to Armstrong a May 19, 1975 Newsweek article linked Brundage to Southern Air Transport, Double-Chek Corporation, the Robert R. Mullen Company, and Zenith Technical Enterprises. All of these are CIA fronts or CIA-affiliated companies. The Robert R. Mullen Company provided cover for CIA operatives under Project QKENCHANT while Howard Hunt was working there, after he retired from the Agency.

Armstong concludes:

"Percival Brundage's links the these and other organizations raised the distinct possibility that Albert Schweitzer College was either a creation, of or received funding from, the CIA."

Perhaps, although more likely the latter I would think as a web-search reveals a number of references to to Albert Schweitzer College as a small but legitimate liberal college with strong Unitarian links. And if Brundage was linked to the CIA (although he was primarily an accountant not a spy) he was also a long-time, and surely sincere, Unitarian.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at Schweitzer Colllege in 1959 as a student. It had nothing to do with politics. It's purpose was to revive the humanistic tradition destroyed by the Nazis.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a student at ASC in 1962-19 and though an intellectual environment, it was apolitical and there was a lot more skiing going on than any subversive dicourse. Oh and Churer's beer.

6:23 PM  

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