Thursday, July 30, 2009

Watergate Update

Dougas Caddy was the original lawyer for the Watergate burglers. Today he posted an affadavit by one Robert Merritt, a police informant, containing startling new allegations regarding the Watergate burglary.

I, Robert Merritt, attest to the following facts regarding my involvement with the Watergate attorney Douglas Caddy, who represented the burglars known as the Watergate Seven. On Saturday, June 17, 1972, five burglars broke into the Democratic National Committee offices in Watergate and were arrested at 2:30 A. M. by Washington, D.C. Police Officer Carl Shoffler. At the time the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department employed me as a Confidential Informant and assigned me to work directly with Officer Shoffler. Two weeks before the arrests at Watergate I provided information to Shoffler about the planned break-in of the DNC that I had obtained as a Confidential Informant from a highly unusual source. By using this advance information, Shoffler developed a successful triangulation strategy that in effect set the burglars up in a form of entrapment. The Watergate scandal thus began and ultimately forced the resignation of President Nixon.
Emphasis added. "A highly unusual source"? What does that mean?

The D.C. Police Officer Carl Shoffler, the lawyer Douglas Caddy, and and the informant Robert Merritt were all homosexual. This is relevant because allegedly Shoeffer later attempted to persuade Merritt to kill Caddy by inserting a "small gelatin like suppository into his rectum" during sex. On June 28, 1972 Merritt met with Shoffler and four agents he believed to be either military intelligence or CIA. They had an assignement for him.

The assignment was to become intimately acquainted with Douglas Caddy as quickly as possible.

The exact description of the assignment was to engage in oral sex with Douglas Caddy and in doing so I was suppose to fondle his b---- and a--, and at the same time insert the small gelatin like suppository into his rectum, which would have caused death.
Merritt is working on a book which will discuss Howard Hunt's role in both Watergate and the JFK assassination.

For more on Merritt see here.


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