Monday, November 10, 2008

It occurs to me that since joining the Atheist Blogroll, I have not done enough to deny God and all His works. (Technically, I consider myself a nontheist.)

The Official God FAQ

Question: “Is there a God?”

Answer: “No.”
Covers it. Let me add a few.

Q: But then how do you explain ... all of THIS?

A: I can't but "God" doesn't explain it either.

Q: Why do you deny God's son?

A: I wish he existed, really. I used to love his comic books, especially when Don Blake struck his cane on the ground and was transformed into Mighty Thor. But it's fiction, you know? And I loved the movie "The Vikings" as a kid, especially the part at the end when Kirk Douglas held his sword in his hand and yelled "ODIN!" before he died. Very cool.

Q: What about more sophisticated versions of God; Spinoza's God(Einsten was a believer), Tillich's "Ground of Being", etc. Maybe. I don't know and you don't either.
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