Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Wins. Wingnuts not happy.


Tomorrow is the last day that America will be a First World country as we go through the motions of a "free and fair" election. By evening, we will sit stunned as the last vestiges of liberty swirl down the gutter of history and more folks climb into the wagon, expecting to be pushed.
i do not recognize obama as my president, nor as the legitimate president of the united states.
A man that represents not simply an opposing view but the view of those who oppose America and all it stands for, will sit in the Oval Office. Worse still he did not get there through a democratic election but through fraud, voter intimidation and every dirty trick culminating in a campaign that had little in common with conventional American politics and a great deal in common with the cults of personality cultivated by totalitarian dictators.
But we are a long way from surrender. The battle is over, the war begins. The United States government now falls into the hands of the enemies of this country and civilization for a time or forever. And that is part of what the war is about. The country has been in the hands of people we disagreed with, but never in the hands of people whose views are as diametrically opposed to ours as anything in the Third Reich or the Kremlin. In their hands Federal power becomes enemy power. The more ineffective and tied up they are, the less damage they can do.
An Indonesian citizen, an illegal alien, with strong ties to corruption in Chicago, Illinois and the Middle East, has apparently won the US general election.

Above illustration from Savage Politics:

Barack Hussein Obama will be the first Marxist Leninist ever elected to the Presidency of the United States!
Note: I make a distinction between honest and principled conservatives and winguts. A few honest conservatives voted for Obama; most voted against him and are extending congratulations, even though they expect to oppose him most of the time.
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