Sunday, October 14, 2007

The man who knew too much

An essential article in the Guardian which describes how Rich Barlow, the CIA's expert on Pakistan's nuclear program, and a true American hero, was ruined professionally and personally for daring to tell the truth that Pakistan was developing the Bomb.

Barlow came to the conclusion that a small group of senior officials was physically aiding the Pakistan programme. "They were issuing scores of approvals for the Pakistan embassy in Washington to export hi-tech equipment that was critical for their nuclear bomb programme and that the US Commerce Department had refused to license," he says.
The article goes on to describe how "two high-ranking US officials extremely close to the White House" tipped off the tartet of a sting operation.

Trawling through piles of cables, he found evidence that two high-ranking US officials extremely close to the White House had tipped off Islamabad about the CIA operation. Furious, Barlow called his superiors. "The CIA went mad. These were criminal offences," Barlow says.

Once again the villians in this story are the neoconservatives. If everyone with a shred of integrity is driven out of government then there will be no one left but criminals and traitors.


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