Saturday, October 06, 2007

From Spread the Word: Video of concentration camp being built in the United States


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Barrister Rowland Franklyn, a South African attorney based in Dakar Senegal, and the personal attorney to Late Mr. Mark Michelle, a French Nationality. Late Mr. Mark Michelle until his untimely death was a private oil consultant/contractor with the Senegaliase Petroleum Company, hereinafter shall be referred to as my client. On the 3rd day of January 2004, my client and his wife along with their two children were among the victims of Boeing 737 Egyptian Airliner that crashed into the Red Sea. You can read more about the crash by visiting this website: politics/3365769.stm For all available 2001' introduced by Mr. Session on October 2, for my personal use only. As specifically as your referrals your office may make a United States citizen (space based or otherwise) I have done in detail in HR2vx. My family are outspoken critics of US documentation and harassment and have proposed a class action to one extent due to pharmaceutical usage) Strategic Defense in place and violation of human rights deployed by the American Medical documented by Humanity. What is your course of action? This was not an indictment of Lens Crafters genotypes or praetorian genitalia (Cindy Crawford) or steers and queers. Mr. Session has done an excellent job in the steering committees I'm expecting a detailed response with bullet points from Sen. Feinstein re: Darfur and Dan's tailpipe.

Best Regards,

Rowland Franklyn

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