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You have interesting blogs. I found you in a search for William C. Jones. You said, in the Oswald history involving NV Peale, "So who were some of his cohorts in these groups? There was William C. Jones, a board member of The Billy Graham Foundation ..."

Jones is an interesting character I am trying to learn about. A California businessman, he served as host of the Presidential Prayer Breakfast in Washington for the first time and continued to be a leader until his death in 1971.

There are photos of him with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, etc. but I have reason to believe he was more than just an evangelical freak.

In 1961 I helped Jones run 4 Bolex movie cameras in Moscow to film the entire Revolution Day parade.

A few months later in Berlin after the wall went up, he and I took movies and stills of Checkpoint Charlie from the top floor of a publications building a block inside the East Zone. We got caught; he talked us out of trouble.

We then went off to lunch with an East Berlin preacher who distributed Bibles that Jones smuggled into the country.

Jones was a balsy guy; I was just along for the ride. Literally. I supplied the car and an adventurous spirit. I'm a little balsy too.

I share your frustration with the JFK murder. FYI:

Light Sweet Crud - a blog of sorts

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