Monday, July 14, 2008

Americans on Terrorist Watchlist

Chicago-area computer consultant Akif Rahman, who was born in Springfield, Ill., said he has been detained at least seven times after traveling abroad. During one such incident in May, he said, he was held for five hours, shackled to a chair and kicked by a Customs Service agent after being stopped at a U.S. checkpoint on the Canadian border.

"I was fearful for my own safety and that of my family," said Rahman, who is suing the government to have his identity cleared from the watch list. "I simply could not believe that I, a born U.S. citizen, was going though this experience simply re-entering my own country."
American citizenship no longer offers any protection.


Blogger Hyperman said...

This is why I won't travel to the US until your got ride of your proto-fascist government.

6:16 AM  

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