Sunday, March 23, 2008

It appears that Hillary Clinton is a big liar.


Blogger Joseph said...

Gary, either you or the people behind this video are full of it.

See here:

Larry Johnson, who makes ME look like a pussy, has the same video. But he notes:

"What Hillary said about the plane is exactly right. Cork screw take off and landings were instituted after a buddy of mine–a now retired U.S. Army Colonel–was shot while sitting on a plane flying out of Sarajevo back in 1993. Someone on the ground sprayed the plane with an AK-47 and Mac (my friend’s name) came close to bleeding out. He spent almost a year in rehab. Doctors saved his leg but he was essentially crippled because of that gunshot.

So Hillary is not exaggerating about the danger back then and the plane ride in. It was not as dangerous as Iraq perhaps, but it was still risky."

She may have gotten incidents mixed up. Or the video may be deceptive -- she visited THREE bases.

Ever think of alternative possibilities? I know, I know -- giving someone the benefit of the doubt extends to everyone EXCEPT to those whose last name is Clinton.

There is more; read Johnson.

2:15 PM  
Blogger gary said...

Thanks for the link to No Quarter. I actually googled at length looking for some defense of Hillary on this. I don't find this one very persuasive. The plane may have landed using a corkscrew maneuver, but the ceremony wasn't cancelled and they didn't run to their cars. Instead they were welcomed by a crowd, including the young girl who read a poem, as Hillary and Chelsea stood by.

Also, see:

5:17 PM  

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