Monday, July 09, 2007


Anonymous ewastud said...

It sounds like wishful thinking on Rick "man-dog sex" Santorum's part.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous jew-with-a-canoe said...

To "ewastud" from "the reality-based community": Santorum is a fascinating case, really. He took Peter Kostmayer's House seat in Buck's County (!), PA. Kostmayer, was partially out of the closet, and had served his district well for many years. Then, Santorum beat Wofford for Senate and made leadership all within 12 years, before blowing up with the "man-on-dog" and baby-pickled-in-brine stuff. How did he do it? Because he's a smart motherfucker twisted as he is. He went and hired the smartest gay political operative in Pennsylvania to run his campaigns.

To Gary: I told you, man, you can reason with those processed-cheesefood Hannitys over there. You have to punch. I tried reason over and over again and it don't play. So, I just see if I can pop over now and them and make one or two of them cry, when I take the notion.

My last riposte was written in Colombian Spanish so unless you know the slang, babelfish won't work. But if you do manage to translate it, you'll like it.

Go back to pornstar mode and hit that homophobia with 9" of limp dick, because as you well know inside every homophobe....

Keep up the great blogging. And here's something to check into. Someone in a liberal chat room mentioned that Barack Obama has been making the church rounds with a VERY homophobic message. Worth a peek, I think.

5:48 AM  
Anonymous ashkenaz-with-a-schnoz said...

Dammit, Gary--

I got bored and couldn't help raising cain again in Lamebrainville. I have to get a hobby.

11:49 AM  

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