Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CIA: The Family Jewels (703 pages)

Keeping Track of All the Redactions

Flash: CIA Family Jewel # 1 missing.

On Tuesday, June 26, 2007 the CIA released a memo from the CIA Director of Security to the CIA Management Committee ( CIA Director, Deputy Director, etc.) The memo lists “illegal operations” conducted by the CIA from March 1959 to June 1964. These projects are what the CIA considers the “skeletons” in the CIA closet. The memo entitled the list “FAMILY JEWELS.” JEWEL # 1 is presumably the most important and egregious on the list. Yet, it is still completely censored 35+ years after the memo was written. Given the other items on the list include CIA-Mafia plots against Fidel Castro and the role of Attorney General Robert Kennedy is planning assassinations, why is JEWEL #1 still censored? To see this page, click JEWEL # 1. Following the summary list are explanations of each item. Every single word of the 3 page description of JEWEL # 1 is completely censored. Every single word. What are they hiding 35 years later?

FOX News anchor Brit Hume surfaced in CIA documents revealed this week. Hume once worked with Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Jack Anderson and shows up in the documents as "Eggnog." The documents show that the CIA surveilled Anderson, Hume and other journalists in 1972.


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