Saturday, April 21, 2007

Maury Island Update:

Wreckage from secret 1947 mission found

It was a mysterious, secret government mission. It ended in a fiery plane crash, and a crash site that was all but unknown. Almost 60-years after that plane went down, a curious explorer has found the wreckage, and is now trying to uncover its secrets.

The plane had impacted the hill at the base of three alder trees and there was burnt debris everywhere. The military had used Davenport¹s property as a base camp and spent over a week in cleaning up the debris. Also found in the area was a large black stone which directors believe may have been one of the pieces of slag the officers may have been hoping to analyze.

The Tacoma Times that day¹s headlines read ³Sabotage Hinted in Crash of Army Bomber at Kelso and a sub-headline read ³Plane May Hold Flying Disk Secret². Written by Paul Lance the article stated the plane had been sabotaged or shot down to prevent shipment of flying disk fragments to Hamilton Field, California, for analysis.
By the way, I recently purchsed a copy of Ray Palmer's The Coming of the Saucers on e-Bay, and Ray Palmer, Jr. related to me that he still has a piece of the "slag" that was allegedy ejected from the saucer in the Maury Island Incident, for sale if the price is right.

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