Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gerald Ford's Final Memoir

In this posthumous publication, the former president speaks as the last surviving member of the legendary Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. In a detailed outline of the Commission's final report, President Ford addresses the lingering questions and conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination oneby one, and confirms the role of the CIA in hiding and destroying information regarding the assassination.

Available here


Blogger Joseph said...

From the site you link to, a few comments from the publisher:

"Ford echoes the original, core principles of his Republican Party, social moderation and fiscal conservatism. These ideas that once brought the Republican Party to power have been lost by the current Republican Party leadership. However, they are expressed by current Republican frontrunner Rudolph Gulliani.

"President Ford was the model of an effective Republican leader who led the federal government by pursuing a commonsense agenda through bipartisan support and honest debate."

Uhhh...wasn't it Ford who brought us Cheney and Rumsfeld and Team B (the forerunners of the neocons)?

And what, exactly, has Guiliani done to distance himself from that mess?

12:30 AM  

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