Monday, February 19, 2007

David Ferrie, known to all viewers of Oliver Stone's JFK as the character played by Joe Pesci, has been a mainstay of JFK assassination conspiracy theories since the sixties. This article describes how one researcher located his airplane.
Not only is the article above most interesting but some of the comments are worth reading as well. One from Dallas researcher Jim Gatewood:

Randy Brodenhead Owner of the Highland Park Airport 7 miles from Dealy Plaza.

"Two FBI agents came to the airport 2 days after the assassination - and found a flight plan filed for Havana. David Ferrie the pilot - Lee H. Oswald passenger. The plane had been rented at the Garland, Texas airport a twin engine Apache Piper. The agents tried to take the flight plan but had no warrant and were refused.

That night there was a fire at the air port- but the files were not destroyed as they were in steel filing cabinets. The next night there was another fire and the files were destroyed."

Mr. Gatewood is the author of several books on Dallas history. I have taken the liberty of correcting several typos in his comments.

Update: Another article on the plane.


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