Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Video Interview with Gordon Novel

It would be easy to dismiss Gordon Novel. The interview above contains references to the Illuminati, reverse-engineering UFOs and anti-gravity--the sort of topics that I stay away from, for the most part. But Gordon Novel has a habit of popping up in some of history's most intriguing cases. He was Jim Garrison's Chief of Security--before Garrison tried to indict him. He discussed erasing the Watergate tapes with Chuck Colson. He was involved in the Waco investigation with Ramsey Clark. He makes an appearance in the Michael Jackson case.

Lisa Pease tells an interesting story about Gordon Novel:

One of the funniest documents I ever read was Gordon Novel's playboy deposition. At one point the lawyer says something like, but all you've told me sounds so innocent so far, Gordon.

Gordon replied just keep going - "it's going to get uninnocent" in a minute.

At another point, the questioner asked him if he had dinner with Allen Dulles. Novel answered in near Shakespearean fashion (see the opening of Romeo and Juliet for the 'bite my thumb' parallel):

If I had dinner with Allen Dulles, I would say I didn't have dinner with Allen Dulles.

Asked whether he did or didn't, in his sworn testimony he said he didn't have dinner with Allen Dulles.

Parse that, if you will.

In later years, Novel told me he did, indeed, have dinner with Allen Dulles. I have numerous reasons to believe him on that point.


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