Monday, November 06, 2006

Essential Reading on JFK Assassination

One of the best Kennedy assassination researchers, Larry Hancock, has a new book out Someone Would Have Talked available now at his website, and soon to be available at Amazon and other outlets. I have not seen the new edition yet, but I did read an earlier version, and feel confident in highly recommending this book.

What’s New in the Hardcover Edition:

Three years of additional research have been devoted to exploring the leads and directions developed in the first edition. This research has provided additional detail on a number of incidents. These range from the pre-assassination visit by Lee Oswald and others to Dallas resident Sylvia Odio, through new details of word in the underworld about an attack on JFK, to further confirmation on remarks by a Cuban pilot at Red Bird Airport in Dallas - immediately prior to November 22, 1963. Beyond that entirely new incidents have become known, including an international wire intercept of discussions about a conspiracy and disclosures to the ARRB about gossip heard after the fact from former CIA employees. Ten new appendices and hundreds of pages of related exhibits are provided to document this new information. In addition, the book incorporates the newest research published by a number of respected JFK researchers in 2005.
Larry has also put a number of documents supporting the book on his website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great book! Why do you think more libraries don't offer it?

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