Monday, October 09, 2006

As PageFuckerGate (as Wonkette calls it) unfolds we would all do well to keep in mind Buell's Law, which states: Whenever a prominent political figure is accused of sexual misconduct--HE DID IT! Seems un-American I know, but remember those three words and you will rarely go wrong.

As we wait for the next page to turn, here are some stories about Scott Palmer, Chief of Staff for Speaker Dennis Hastert:

From the Huffington Post:

Many chiefs of staff are close, very close, to their bosses on Capitol Hill. But none are closer than Scott Palmer is to Denny Hastert. They don't just work together all day, they live together.

There are plenty of odd couple Congressmen who have roomed together on Capitol Hill, but I have never heard of a chief of staff who rooms with his boss. It is beyond unusual. But it must have its advantages. Anything they forget to tell each other at the office, they have until bedtime to catch up on. And then there's breakfast for anything they forgot to tell each other before falling asleep. And then there's all day at the office. Hastert and Palmer are together more than any other co-workers in the Congress.

And from the New York Times:

Mr. Hastert, a former schoolteacher and wrestling coach, is more at home in Illinois than in Washington, traveling back to the state almost every weekend with Scott Palmer, his chief of staff, and Mike Stokke, his deputy chief of staff. When Congress is in session, the two aides and Mr. Hastert share a townhouse near the Capitol, living a bachelorlike existence.


Blogger nolocontendere said...

Wayne Madsen is all over Mastergate and Hastert. It gets worse and worse for the fascists, I fear our synthetic "terror" is imminent.

7:07 PM  

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