Thursday, August 10, 2006


Blogger KELSO'S NUTS said...

According to my Mom (AND THIS WILL REALLY PISS THE AURORAS OFF BECAUSE THEY HAVE SUCH CLASS INSECURITY) who edited Richard Condon's Winter Kills, Jack Ruby was into everything gay and kinky, cross-dressing was mild for him. Will tell more Jack Ruby stories if you like in an Aurora-free zone. The stories would weird them out too much and they already loathe me for my politics and what I've shared of the real me. Have some misguided notion that I want to impress them or seem like a big-shot. I'm a nobody. I reckon Aurora's animus towards me has something to do with my friendship with AnitzXanaxNow. And yes Aurora, she did get that name from a list of racehorses with funny names that I have been collecting.

3:16 PM  
Blogger gary said...

Yes, let's hear the Jack Ruby stories.

8:24 AM  

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